Yields4 Servings
Prep Time20 minsCook Time1 hrTotal Time1 hr 20 mins

3 1/3 cups (595 g) raw white rice
½ kg beef
10 seeds (1 g) cardamom, whole
5 sticks (3 g) cinnamon, whole
5 seeds (1 g) black pepper, whole
5 seeds (1 g) cloves, whole
6 tsp. (30 g) salt, iodized
2 tbsp. (11 g) cumin
4 potatoes, unpeeled, raw (840 g)
3 onions, red skinned, unpeeled, raw (387 g)
5 cloves (17 g) garlic, whole
1 root (23 g) ginger
½ green capsicum (115 g)
62 g coriander, fresh
8 ¼ cups (1788 g) water
1 ½ cups (293 g) cooking oil

• Cut meat into medium size chunks.
• Boil the meat in a large cooking pot with all the
water for 30 minutes, drain the water and set
both meat and water aside.
• Prepare and chop onions and potatoes, grate
capsicum, pound coriander, crush garlic and
• Place each prepared ingredient in small separate
• Toast cumin seeds under medium heat on a dry
pan until they start to brown. Remove from the
heat and grind.
• Toast cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and black
pepper together until they produce an aroma.
Grind them.
• Put oil into the pan used to boil the meat.
• Add onions into the hot oil and cook for 5 minutes until they brown (a golden-brown colour).
• Add ginger and garlic. Stir.
• Add all browned spices; cumin, black pepper,
cloves, cinnamon, cardamom after 3 minutes.
• Add capsicum, coriander and potatoes after 1
minute and stir. Meanwhile, wash the rice.
• Add rice and salt after 3 minutes and stir in to
properly mix the ingredients.
• Add water drained from boiling the meat, stir the
rice and bring the mixture to boil for 25 minutes.
• Add the cooked meat to the boiling mixture.
Cook for 30 minutes and serve.