Yields9 Servings
Prep Time20 minsCook Time30 minsTotal Time50 mins

3 cups (433 g) wheat flour, refined, all-purpose
2 eggs, whole (112 g)
2 1/3 cups (528 g) cow milk, fresh
1/8 cup (22 g) sugar, white
11/3 cups (303 g) water
¾ cup (160 g) cooking oil


• Put the wheat flour into a bowl.
• Dissolve sugar into the milk then pour the sugar and
milk mixture into the flour.
• Add all the water.
• Start mixing the pancake batter either using an egg
whisk or a wooden bowl.
• Mix well until it comes to a smooth consistency.
• Break eggs and add them into the mixture in the bowl.
• Continue mixing until everything is smooth and with
no lumps.
• Put the frying pan onto the fire and let it heat for 2
• Pour batter into the frying pan.
• Pour just enough for it to mold into the shape of
the pan.
• Let the batter set on one side and then turn over
after 2 minutes.
• Once you turn over, apply cooking oil onto the
pancake and spread.
• Turnover and repeat the same procedure for the
other side.
• Keep turning as needed until it cooks on both sides
(turns golden brown and is cooked on the inside).
• Remove from the fire and place on paper towels on
a plate.
• Repeat the process until all the batter is finished.